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Here is the official Sky-Vu trailer.


Established over 50 years ago, the SkyVu Drive-In movie theater in Warren, Minnesota MN continues to entertain people today. Since the 1970s, Leonard Novak has enjoyed owning this thriving entertainment business. Leonard and many others close to him, remain dedicated to keeping this historic complex running no matter how many obstacles appear in their path. The Sky View Drive-In has withstood several challenges from such competitors as in door theaters, BlockBuster and Netflix yet still this classic outdoor movie venue succeeds.

Located in the heart of the Red River Valley and within minutes of Grand Forks, North Dakota ND, Crookston, MN and Thief River Falls, Minnesota, the Sky Vu or Sky View Drive-In provides easy access for any customer who wishes to revive the good old days of family, friends, outdoors and movies.


Nothing much has changed at the SkyVu since the 1950s except that the movies have more special effects and the sound comes over your car's FM stereo. Other than that, it is what you see is what you get and we are confident it will be worth the cost of fuel.


Leonard Novak (right) purchased the Sky-Vu in 1971 from Bixby Knight.

Leonard NOVAK

Has owned the Drive-In for 50 years. A damn good run.


The Sky-Vu has a wide array of garb for you to proudly display around town.


The Sky-Vu has even had a kangaroo on our grounds.


Bring a chair, couch, whatever. Then, sit back, relax & enjoy!

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