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Rest assured, we won’t empty your wallet like most movie theaters. When you come to the SkyVu, half the fun is hitting the ‘Snack Bar’. Forget cooking dinner at home, we have you covered and at a reasonable price. Let’s face it, drinks should be cheap and a kid should be able to afford more than one candy bar, right?


Shorty’s Valley famous BBQ Sandwich
$5.00 or $5.50 with cheese

(Leonard sweats over the stove in the house next door in an effort to cook-up this tasty batch of BBQ. There is a special ingredient added to this concoction but Leonard refuses to reveal it. Good luck eating just one, it simply isn't possible.)


‘Yado’ Dog 
$3.50 or $4.00 with cheese

(Back in the 80’s, a young teenager close to Leonard was known to eat 3, 4 and sometimes 5 of these good ole’ fashioned weenies in one serving. This would always leave the 'Old Man' speechless.)


‘Marilyn’s’ Chili Cheese Dog ('The Bomb') 

(Marilyn has prepared more of these dangerous dogs than any other drive-in individual; even more than Leonard. Trust us, the toppings rock this weenie’s world!)


Beaver’s ‘East of the Border’ Nachos
$4.00 or $6.00 with BBQ on top

(‘The frickin’ Beav’ was known for throwing a ton of chips on a plate then stacking them high with handfuls of shredded cheese. The Beav’ always said, “Big deal, it’s just cheese”!)


Wee’s Popcorn 
Small = $3.00 with butter = $4.00 / Medium = $4.00 with butter = / Large = $5.00 with butter = $8.00

(These kernels date back to the 1970’s when Leonard’s daughter refused to serve stale popcorn and popped batches upon batches of corn in the same popper you see today. Guaranteed fresh and the butter is real.)

'The Beav's' Home Made PIZZA (12") (Thin Crust) 

$13.00 (Cheese) / $15.00 (Meat)

(These pies are created back at Beaver's restaurant in Minto, ND then transported fresh to our facility. The Beav' puts his heart & soul into these babies and assures you that the fresh ingredients will be well worth the wait.)


BIG, FAT Pretzel (Cheese on the side)

(Need we say more? I big ol' salty pretzel with tasty cheese to go with it. A Classic!)


Cotton Candy

(Nothing like some blown sugar to keep the kids awake.)



Regular Size


King Size Candy

(We have a ton of varieties for the young children to choose from AND you can afford more than one unlike other theaters. Just don't send us your dental bill.)


Kooker’s Slushy (FREE REFILLS!)
$5.00/regular (16oz.)
(Back in the day, Leonard’s other daughter loved to squirt the tasty syrup on her own cup of crushed ice. Nothing like a cold kid’s favorite on a warm summer evening.)


(16oz.) - $4.00/large (24oz.)


$2.00/regular (12oz.)

(Seriously, who drinks this stuff when they're having fun? Well, some health conscious people might, so....)

Kid's COMBO (small Popcorn, regular Drink & regular Candy)

$7.50/regular (12oz.)

(When you package crap together, you get a better deal!)

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